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Official Name: Commonwealth of Dominica

Geographic Location: South-eastern Caribbean Sea

Total GDP: $525 million (2016 est.)

Per Capita GDP (PPP): $10,975 (2016 est.)

Debt to GDP ratio: 81% of GDP (2016 est.)

Official language: English

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

Capital: Roseau

Population: 73,543 (2016)

Major ethnic groups: Black, Mixed, Indigenous, Other

Religion: Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, Other

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

 rich opportunities To diversify your wealth

Explore Sustainable Options

Dominica strives to be one of the most sustainable CBI options, ensuring that investment choices are ethical and environmentally conscious. 

Safeguard your Finances

Dominica levies no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income or capital gains tax. Personal tax only applies if you reside and earn income within Dominica. 

Warm Climate, Warm People

The country welcomes you with open arms to join the community of warm and friendly people on the small island nation. Become part of a strong global network, regardless of whether you reside on the island or elsewhere, supported by strong governance at every level.

Exciting Real Estate

The island is home to real estate development opportunities with world-class brands such as the Hilton, Marriott, and Kempinski. 

Relax in Natural Beauty

Dominica is also nicknamed the 'Nature Island of the Caribbean'. Visit Dominica, and you will see the richness of its unique flora and fauna. Such a luscious environment is also attractive to eco-tourism.

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